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Keeping vessel operators safe with over 400 boats working across the globe.

What They Say

Our experience with Titan was top notch, from the planning and design stages to the final product, everything exceeded our expectations. The boat is faster and more fuel efficient than our competitors. After the boat was delivered, the team at Titan is always available to answer questions and help out with troubleshooting issues.

Michael C.
Vancouver Island Whale Watch

I just finished a week off the Coast of Nova Scotia in the Atlantic. We operated the Raptor from Saint-Jean QC in 3 metre seas. These boats are absolutely amazing machines. Better than anything I’ve ever operated. Some boats make me nervous and I wonder how inexperienced members would feel on them. This boat inspired nothing but confidence in some of the worst conditions we will probably ever face.

Great work guys! Love your boats.

Vessel Operator
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP

Just have to say Titan Boats’ customer service is superior to most business’ that I have ever dealt with.

Brian P.
Douglas County Sheriff Department