Titan B Series | Enforcement


Hull Length Range: 6M - 7M
Hull Beam Range: 2.4M - 2.5M

Specializing in Enforcement and Patrol RHIBs, we offer exceptional reliability, precise handling, and unparalleled maneuverability. Our high-performance vessels place utmost importance on officers' well-being, ensuring efficient, effective, and confident law enforcement operations. Trust in Titan Boats for superior Enforcement and Patrol RHIBs that excel in safeguarding communities and upholding the law.

Titan B series can be constructed in a center console or dual console configuration, built on an aluminum hull. Hull size ranging from 6 meters up to 7 meters, capable of up 400 HP.*

*Actual maximum horsepower may vary based on factors such as hull dimensions and engine weight and could be less than the stated limit.

titan boats enforcement series b blueprint side view titan boats enforcement series b blueprint top view

titan boats

6.3M Center Console

Length: 6.3M

Beam (inflated): 2.6M

Beam (deflated): 2.0M

Tube Configuration: 20" Round, Inflatable

Superstructure: Center Console

Propulsion: Twin Outboard

Seating: 4 Persons; Max 8 Persons

Fuel Capacity: 305 Litres

I.S.O. Category: B



Rely on Every Mission: Titan Boats, designed and crafted in Vancouver Island, Canada, sets the standard for reliability. Our meticulous construction, top-quality materials, and rigorous testing ensure durability and performance. Trust Titan Boats to withstand the toughest conditions and excel in every mission.



Mission-Focused Safety: Titan Boats meticulously design RHIBs to provide a safe, stable, highly buoyant vessel. Designed to withstand elements, they prioritize user protection during challenging missions, whether in treacherous waters, challenging sea states, or extreme weather conditions.

Advanced Hull Technology


Unleash the Potential of Performance: Titan Boats combine proven hull platforms with a commitment to ultra-high performance. Built from in-house designed aluminum hull platforms with millions of on-water service hours, they ensure exceptional quality and durability. Experience unmatched speed, agility, and reliability in your missions with cutting-edge hull designs and advanced propulsion systems from Titan Boats.