Type I & II | Search & Rescue


Designed by ER Workboats, the SAR Type I & Type II designs have been widely accepted by rescue organizations.

These SAR RHIBs, categorized as Type I and Type II, offer a comprehensive response solution. Designed for various operational needs, Type I excels in swift and decisive actions with its compact size, while Type II is ideal for extended missions in vast domains, boasting a larger size and displacement. Both share the hallmark of rugged and reliable hulls, capable of withstanding the harshest sea conditions, a testament to Titan Boats' commitment to quality and Ivan Erdevicki's visionary designs, making them the ultimate choice for search and rescue missions.

titan boats search and rescue series d blueprint side view titan boats enforcement search and rescue series d blueprint top view

titan boats

ER Workboats SAR Type I

Length: 9.5M

Beam (inflated): 3.28M

Beam (deflated): 2.51M

Tube Configuration: 24" Round, Inflatable

Superstructure: ICE3 4 Person

Propulsion: Twin Outboard

Seating: 4 Persons; Max 8 Persons

Fuel Capacity: 707 Litres

I.S.O. Category: B

ER Workboats SAR Type II

Length: 11.1M

Beam (inflated): 3.63M

Beam (deflated): N/A

Tube Configuration: 26" D-Tube Air-Foam Hybrid

Superstructure: Cabin

Propulsion: Twin Inboard Jet

Seating: 4 Persons; Max 12 Persons

Fuel Capacity: 1,088 Litres

I.S.O. Category: B



Mission-Focused Safety: Titan Boats meticulously design RHIBs to provide a safe, stable, highly buoyant vessel. Designed to withstand elements, they prioritize user protection during challenging missions, whether in treacherous waters, challenging sea states, or extreme weather conditions.



Designed for Operator Comfort: At Titan Boats, ergonomics is a top priority. We consider factors like shock-mitigation seating, optimal helm placement, equipment positioning, and noise reduction to create a comfortable and efficient working environment. This design focus minimizes the risk of long-term injuries, enhancing operator performance and well-being.



Built to Thrive, Everywhere: Titan Boats are renowned for unwavering dependability in all mission scenarios. Meticulously designed and constructed to the highest standards, they deliver precision in critical operations, search and rescue missions, and coastal patrolling, instilling confidence in navigating any situation.