Titan C Series | Enforcement


Hull Length Range: 7M - 8M
Hull Beam Range: 2.8M - 3M

Specializing in Enforcement and Patrol RHIBs, we offer exceptional reliability, precise handling, and unparalleled maneuverability. Our high-performance vessels place utmost importance on officers' well-being, ensuring efficient, effective, and confident law enforcement operations. Trust in Titan Boats for superior Enforcement and Patrol RHIBs that excel in safeguarding communities and upholding the law.

Titan C series can be constructed in an open or T-Top configuration, built on an aluminum hull. Hull size ranging from 7 meters up to 7.5 meters, capable of up to 400 HP.*

*Actual maximum horsepower may vary based on factors such as hull dimensions and engine weight and could be less than the stated limit.

titan boats enforcement series c blueprint side view titan boats enforcement series c blueprint top view

titan boats

7.5M T-Top

Length: 7.6M

Beam (inflated): 2.88M

Beam (deflated): 2.29M

Tube Configuration: 22" Round, Inflatable

Superstructure: T-Top

Propulsion: Twin Outboard

Seating: 4, max 8 persons

Fuel Capacity: 500 Litres

I.S.O. Category: B

Harsh Environment Performance


Conquer Extreme Conditions: Titan RHIBs shine in the harshest environments. Crafted in Canada, where rugged coastlines and unpredictable weather prevail, our vessels are extensively tested and refined to handle demanding conditions. Purpose-built to ensure safety and peak performance, even in pounding waves, icy waters, or turbulent winds.



Rely on Every Mission: Titan Boats, designed and crafted in Vancouver Island, Canada, sets the standard for reliability. Our meticulous construction, top-quality materials, and rigorous testing ensure durability and performance. Trust Titan Boats to withstand the toughest conditions and excel in every mission.



Designed for Operator Comfort: At Titan Boats, ergonomics is a top priority. We consider factors like shock-mitigation seating, optimal helm placement, equipment positioning, and noise reduction to create a comfortable and efficient working environment. This design focus minimizes the risk of long-term injuries, enhancing operator performance and well-being.